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Currently I have problem with my PC. One of my 500GB HDD failed. Now I’m trying to backup all of the files inside (it’s 500GB full!). So the updates will be a bit slow because I have to switch back between Windows and Linux to backup the file. It really consumes time! 😦

I will keep you guys updated 🙂

Update 2009-05-29:
I have done backup the files. I’m happy that all of my 500GB file were saved and all of them worked normally. 🙂 Now, it’s time to find enough time to scan and fix this broken HDD.

The updates will be normal soon 🙂


Son Dam Bi – Saturday Night (Music Core 2009-04-25)

Featuring Yuri & Tiffany! 😀

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Tiffany – I’m Alone (Inkigayo 2009-04-19)

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Nassun feat. Tiffany – Come to Play (Music Core 2009-03-14)

OMG Tiffany! 😯 😯

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