Readme First!

Welcome to my blog. I share Korean and some Japanese music and performance videos here. For your convenience, please read and understand some rules below.

1. If you find my post is useful, please drop a comment. I’ll be sad if I get a lot of download hits, but only a few comments.
2. I uploaded all those files by myself. So don’t ever post them anywhere and claim them as yours. Please credit me as ‘’ give the link back here.
3. I will post videos in medium quality, but maybe I will post some videos on HD resolution. But this isn’t a promise. My upload speed is so slow so uploading HD files is not my priority.
4. Starting 2010, no more request for 2009 files. Sorry, I don’t have time to check my archive.
5. Starting 2010, my files will be protected with a password. Look here for details.
6. Please tell me if there’s something wrong with the file e.g broken file, wrong file, or dead link. Drop it at the comments box in the post.
7. I’m open for affiliation, please go here to get affiliated.

I will update this page if there’s something that I can improve.

Comments and suggestions are needed, please 🙂

Thank you very much 🙂

11 responses to “Readme First!

  1. nice job..thanks a lot man

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  3. hei, i didnt know that you’re too..
    im an indonesian too..
    i love your blog, but why all the vids are in mp4 now?
    just curious though..hheehe

    keep ur great work

  4. KiKi:
    I’m just trying another encoding method and making the video more efficient but still holds good quality 🙂


  5. thanks for keep uploading great video and performance for us~~

  6. Thank you for… rocking my world with your video….^^

  7. Thanks for sharing the videos.. I keep coming to ur blog coz u provide the videos with medium size.. I dont have much space to keep all HQ files..
    Again, thanx..

  8. Thank you very much , baby

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