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Passing by

Hi all…

How are you guys? I logged in just to check if everything is alright.

Nowadays, I’ve got my permanent work. So I don’t have much time to manage this blog again. Sometime I want to upload something and share it, but time didn’t allow me to do that.

But, I still love this blog, although it’s not good as another blog. And I still want to share to you guys. So, I’ll try my best to share, now including some albums or singles. I don’t have much time anymore to upload a lot of videos. But, maybe sometime I’ll share some videos. 🙂

Thank you very much 🙂


Updating again :)

Dear all, 🙂

The 2 weeks before last week was really boring, all of the music shows were canceled (you guys must be already now about the reason).

Last week, most of the music shows are back. I’ll try to update this blog again with some updates. 🙂

Thank you 🙂

Some Updates on 2010

Hello everyone 🙂
I have some updates regarding this blog.

Please check them here.
Be sure to read them completely 🙂

Update 100116
Password related

Thank you.

I’m back…

Hello everyone 🙂

After totally recovered from accident at the end of last year, now I’m ready to post again 🙂

There will be some updates on the rules too. I will post them after I post some new videos.

Thank you 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas for everyone who celebrate!! 😀

I will be out of action for several days because I have to take a rest. I was involved in an motorcycle accident 2 days ago.

I’ll be back soon 🙂

SS501 – Love Like This (Inkigayo 2009-11-29)

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Starting today, my videos resolution will be reduced. It’ll make the file smaller, so I can encode and upload faster. But maybe I’ll provide HQ version too on some videos.

I hope you understand and please keep giving comments & also suggestions for me.

Thank you.