About & Affiliates

I’m just an ordinary guy who’s simple. I don’t like to think about complicated things. 😀

You can call me “chanelight” or “ste”. And my friends here often called me “cnet”. I guess it’s my everlasting nickname because a lot of friend called me that since I was a kid.

At first, this blog was my diary. I wrote using Bahasa Indonesia to tell my daily life. But, I’m getting bored, besides I already have another blog with same subject. So, I changed this blog and started using English as main language.

Finally, hope you guys enjoy this blog and I hope I can update this blog regularly 😀

P.S: If you wanna be linked, just post here. 🙂

8 responses to “About & Affiliates

  1. Thanks, we added u too. If you have a button, let us know so we can post up ur button too. 🙂

  2. Hiii –

    I passed through here and wanted to know if you wanted to exchanged links.

    OMGWTFSTFUBBQ – http://www.omgwtfstfubbq.com

    Thanks =]

  3. hi… sorry for the late reply…

    I’ve added you to my list 🙂

  4. sophisticatedsubber

    I added you in my blogroll.


  5. No worries! Thanks for adding us =D

  6. hi, can you add mine too?


    thank u ^^

  7. YS: sure, I have added you 😀

  8. i found your site last year, and i love it ❤
    are you indonesian?

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