[HD] Beast – Shock (Music Bank 2010-03-12)

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Credit: chanelight.wordpress.com

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8 responses to “[HD] Beast – Shock (Music Bank 2010-03-12)

  1. thank you! ♥
    I’m so in love with this song <333333

  2. Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m starting to love this song and love the choreography. Thank you!

  4. thank you!!! please more FCUZ!! on Music core inkigayo!! pleaSE!!! and again thanks!!

  5. WOW!! HD!!! This may not be my favorite BEAST song but HD videos are so hard to resist. THANKS A LOT!!!

  6. thanks a loooot!
    please more BEAST!

  7. SO B2ST!!!!!

    Thank you so much.. I really love them!

  8. yay!!~ can’t resist a good quality vid.. LOL! :))

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