Super Junior (Kyuhyun+Donghae) + SNSD (Taeyeon+Jessica) – Way Back Into Love (Music Travel Lalala 2009-06-25)

As requested by Jordan 🙂

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Part 1
Part 2

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40 responses to “Super Junior (Kyuhyun+Donghae) + SNSD (Taeyeon+Jessica) – Way Back Into Love (Music Travel Lalala 2009-06-25)

  1. May i hv the link please…

  2. Please send me the link, Thank you for sharing

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    can i have the links please???
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  10. I have sent the links to you all 🙂

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    please send me the link=]

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  13. Hi! i was wondering if u have Beautiful Girls.

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    May I have Your link


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  15. May I have the link please? 🙂

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  31. links plz=))) thksss alot

  32. really2 want to hav diz video n really2 want to hear them sing diz song..can u send the link to my email..thanks lot!:-)


  34. Por favor envíame el link 😀

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