Younha – Gee (Music Travel Lalala 2009-05-07)

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Part 1
Part 2

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41 responses to “Younha – Gee (Music Travel Lalala 2009-05-07)

  1. can i request this one also..:P

  2. @ann: I have sent the link =)

  3. Can I have this link?
    Thank you~~~~~

  4. @han: sure, check your mailbox =)

  5. can i have the link???thanks before..:)

  6. @dw: I have sent the link 🙂

  7. Would you send me this link, plz
    thank you in advance ^^

  8. This is awesome, can i have it? I think there’s one more performance called propose, do u have it too? thanks before

  9. @mee & jeanrvb: I have sent the link =)

  10. Hi, long time no comment. Can i have the link? thanks a lot!!

  11. @fufu: check your mailbox =)

  12. now, i got a link ^^
    really thank you 4 your kindness

  13. can i have the link pls?
    thank u very much!!^^

  14. @mee: enjoy =D

    @evri: I have sent the link =)

  15. hi, can you send me the link please?

  16. I have sent the link =)

  17. kkk ~~
    the same here, please! thanks

  18. hi, can you send me the link please?
    thank you in advance

  19. @xin: check your mailbox! 🙂

  20. hi. may i have this link also..


  21. may i have the link?
    want to see her singing gee


  22. fader, mitri:

    I have sent the link…

  23. Requesting to get the link please.
    Tried to download this from CLUBBOX.
    But it wouldn’t allow me. Tsk…

  24. Padme: I have sent the link 🙂

  25. thanks a lot

  26. sexybeast: sent! =)

  27. Can I have links?

  28. im really like her voice!!!
    can u send me the links pease??
    thanks a lot!!!!

  29. 8D may i have the link please? >__< thanks in advance! =DD

  30. Link please ! Thanks, Arigato, Kamsahamnida!

  31. is the link still available? this is awesome! (=

  32. rob: sure, I have sent the links 🙂

  33. no sabes cuanto he buscado esta presentacion
    te agardeceria si me pudieras enviar los link de descarga muchas gracias ^^ el blog es increible

  34. wah, i’ve been looking for this like forever!!
    can u send me the link…i really want this..
    thanks in advance!

  35. can i please have the link. please.

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